Email announcement from the Summer 2014 update

Return of the Rat

V/A "Eden in Reeds" 2CS

Bleak Environment -020

Collected Misantropic Sounds
Four current Denver based projects, mutant takes on extreme electronic music.

American Group
Flowering Blade
Prison Glue

Xothist "Dwarfer" CS

Bleak Environment -021

One track, cosmic/industrial black metal.
Program repeats on both sides.

Tollund Men "Misericorde" CS

Bleak Environment -022

A venerable "best of" containing recordings from the past two years.
In amber - Der panther.

Leopard in a Tree "Vessels of Wrath" CS

Bleak Environment -023

Dark Ambient informed by German Kosmische. Propulsive yet restrained experiments in mystical chronomancy.

Kinit Her "Needs of Both" 7"

Bleak Environment -019

Private press neo-folk/dark ambient.
Email for trade.
Copies en route to Brave Mysteries

Also available is a large amount of "deadstock" distro items from sought after labels like Tour de Garde, Posh Isolation, Kuunpalvelus, Dead Section, Nostilevo, Jartecknet, Versets Noirs, Legion Blotan, Terratur Possessions, and Fallow Field.