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"Madam has a very lovely throat.." update

Out now:

Tollund Men "Door" 7"

Fourteen minutes of romantic outsider dirge-pop. Depressive post-punk that folds in on itself in washes of blown out first wave industrial (i.e. Minimal Man, Cabaret Voltaire, Suicide) influenced requiems to the damaged disposition of modern man. While drawing from the past Tollund Men remain contemporary in both style and approach, creating something firmly in the tradition of early industrial experimentation while remaining relevant today.

"Let's die."

Sample: "Fire"

300 copies
Hand assembled seam-out "d-beat sleeves" on 80lb linen paper
Bleak Environment -011
Nuit Noire "Pleine Lune"

Self described faerical blasting punk. Skirting on the edges of black metal, Nuit Noire brings us four unreleased recordings of night-obsessed songs, both raw and charming. Recorded in 2010, Tenebras' more rudimentary and stripped down approach nicely bridges the old to the new. Xerox prints on linen paper. Comes with 1" pin.

200 pro-dubbed copies on chrome tapes
Bleak Environment -010

Material Sequence "Residual Grid"

Dense industrial/techno. Material Sequence submerges into vast, aggressively atmospheric soundscapes. While unrelentingly mechanical in nature, live playing and avoidance of sequencer abuse leaves the recording undeniably human.

"Like Surgeon meeting Esplendor Geometrico in an alien time collapse"

100 copies

Bleak Environment -015
Black Church "Heaven's temple fails to rise"

A slow wraith from the south. C-27 of spiraling bleakness. Extreme repetition of noisy plodding "black metal" dirges. Imagery and sound evoke extreme hopelessness and decay.

100 copies
Bleak Environment -014

Tollund Men "Looking for Love" b/w "Chains of Desire"

Two new Tollund Men tracks thematically tied together- Love and Freudian Death Wish.

Pressed flower encased within C-10

100 copies
Bleak Environment -016

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