Email announcement from spring 2016 update

Forever Writhing in Mist

Hello to anyone,
out from a rats nest, four new releases

Tollund Men - “Autoerotik"

Damaged and dreamlike Tollund Men continues the path unhindered. 200 copies of a home dubbed c47 would make this the first "full length" effort from the band. Circular, disorienting solipsistic "pop". grinding
and dragging onwards
towards death

200 copies
Bleak Environment -024

Stillborn Fawn - “Norn”

Raw black metal, serpentine and unforgiving in its path.

200 pro-dubbed copies
Bleak Environment -025

Kali Malone. Tragic Chorus

Comprised of sharp and slow harmonic blades besides a generative organ leaking pathetic pride, Tragic Chorus lingers as a beautifully nauseating demolition in just intonation.

Edition of 100
Pro Dubbed C20
XK4 + Bleak Environment 026

Spectral Voice/Blood Incantation 7”

Astral Necrosis.
Necrotic Doom.

500 copies
split release w/ Woodsmoke